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Tuition? Find out more! 30min trial.

You, your character and your path in life are the focus. Get to know your own professor who is only interested in you and not your grades!

Danke fuer deine Nachricht! Ich melde mich so schnell wie moeglich bei dir!

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Video Updates

20.10.2023 / Teaser: Pranam Tuition + Recommendations

You can get a little taste of the tutoring in this 2-minute video. You are the center of attention and you decide. Two students also have their say: "Peter explains the material in a way that I can understand too!" Have fun!

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The enthusiastic learners

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The subjects

Mathe-Notizbuch und Rechner
Schueler am Mikroskop


Fuer Schueler, angehende Lehrer, Mathe-Geeks und Ingenieure

Whether you're a student wondering why you'll need this abstract math later on, or whether you're a prospective engineer who needs help preparing for your master's exam, after our sessions you'll definitely love math more than before! It doesn't matter whether you're a fan of logic or not. Quote: "I never thought I'd enjoy it one day."

Chemistry physics

Material science, thermodynamics, AC, OC, quantum mechanics, ...simply all natural sciences

Learning science topics by heart works about 50% of the time in exams - together we will learn differently; namely with understanding, logic and enthusiasm. Science is enthusiasm. On the one hand, admiration for nature, where the most complex systems function so perfectly. On the other hand, being proud of yourself for having managed to understand the most complicated topics yourself. So far I have a 100% rate of letting the spark of enthusiasm fly. I am sure it will work for you too!


All applications of mathematics and science

Mathematics and science provide many tools that are needed in everyday applications in numerous professions, for example from brokers to engineers to normal office jobs using Excel.

Almost more important, however, is the cognitive broadening of horizons that takes place in all of our heads when we deal with complex mathematical or scientific topics. You learn to think in a different way. And these skills are in high demand in many professions. You wouldn't be the first consultant I would like to give a little math tutoring to. :)

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The unique tutoring (recommendations):

"Peter explains the material in a calm and understandable way! I always look forward to the tutoring session and have understood a lot afterwards!"

Klara, Munich

(Natural Sciences)

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your advantages

You are the focus

we adapt to your emotional and cognitive "package" by taking your strengths and weaknesses into account

You set the pace

we can power through something in an expedited process or

gently search for the way until you understand something

you enjoy learning

we learn with enthusiasm and understanding - not by heart

you take the easy way out

wir raeumen auf mit dem Irrtum "es muss doch schwer sein weil ich nicht gut bin"

you will smile at the tutoring

wir werden uns beide jedes Mal auf die "freundschaftlichen" Sessions vorfreuen!

you reach the goal independently

I will not calculate anything for you, but I will make the effort to explain to you how you can do it yourself

You invest in less learning time

we bring you to a level where you need less time to learn (including tutoring)

You're not alone

we will climb the mountain together. I am there for you, also emotionally as a friend and mentor (before, during and after the tutoring).

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