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Pranam = life energy

It's all about you; about what you want to achieve, about what you really want to understand. It's also about what stands in the way of your goal.

You bring with you a whole package of past experiences (emotional and professional); of talents and weaknesses; of interests, wishes and fears. This package is your life energy. Only if we take these into account 100% can I understand your path and help you to follow it.

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What once was...

The past is behind us and we can no longer change it - but we must take it into account.

Only when we both know what the foundations are can we use them. We can only fill holes when we know where they are. Only then will we continue to build the pyramid, floor by floor.

The basics are especially important in math - first add and subtract and then, after many steps, comes the analysis for the Abitur.

It could also be that you actually understand the material, but exam anxiety keeps getting in the way. We have to understand this emotional part of your "package" and resolve it if necessary.

On the other hand, maybe you love doing calculations in your head rather than using a calculator and always lose time in the exam. Based solely on your existing skills (both hard skills and soft skills), we can develop the right strategies!

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...what you now have in your hand...

The English word for present is "present". This also means gift. Because now you have it in your hands, now you are the master of your own happiness.

Now you can do your best, no matter what comes and no matter what was.

We work most effectively and efficiently when we are happy. That's why it's so important to understand what inspires you, what you enjoy, so that you can learn with joy, just like you did when you were in kindergarten.

Learning is fun as long as you learn with understanding, with the AHA effect. That is my principle. As soon as you start to learn by heart, it becomes work. Unfortunately, it cannot be done without this. We can minimize this work with the right method by moving from AHA to AHA. We will work on the rest with the right strategy. Success at school therefore depends very much on the balance between discipline and motivation. We have to find and adjust this balance, which is exactly right for you, for your life energy.

Man on the summit

...and where you want to go.

When do you have fun and enjoy learning? Exactly, when you learn something that really interests you!

We will relate all the topics you want to learn to what really interests you - as much as possible.

You also have to learn to play a little game of life - with our outdated school system: What grade do I need to be able to spend the rest of my life pursuing my real interests?

Option A: Either you don't need an A in everything and you can focus on the subjects that really interest you.

Option B: If you can't get past a NC of 1.0 and you are sure that you want to study this subject, then we can get you an A in a subject that you weren't really interested in before the tutoring - it will be different afterwards! Many of my students can tell you about this "mind shift": "...I never thought that I would enjoy maths one day...!!"

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